What you should do if you can’t get in router’s settings by using addresses or

That problem is one of the most popular problems with Wi-Fi routers. Let’s consider all reasons which problems can depends on. Moreover I will teach you how to find and fix all these failures.

The most popular error is when you try to connect in 192.168.l.l, but web page is unavailable. There will be described solutions for cable and Wi-Fi connections. That article is approached for router from all companies.

If you have some troubles with you router, you should check manual. Maybe you have done something wrong.

If you actions well done and nothing happens, we would try to dig deeper.

I can’t open or and configure my router.

This is the most popular problem. You’re connected all and typed IP address of the router, but browser appears error: “Page not available”, “page Cannot be displayed”, “Page not found” etc. Error text depends on browser that you are trying to get into settings.

These failures can be cause by a lot of different problems:

  • You haven’t got connection to router (low quality cable, there aren’t drivers for network card/ Wi-Fi adapter, there isn’t Wi-Fi connection, wrong connection).
  • Your network connection settings isn’t right (automatically IP obtain isn’t set).
  • Attempt to gain access to settings by using wrong IP address.
  • Address or may not open due to the fact that IP address of the router was changed or router’s work isn’t properly.
  • Before turning to specific solutions and to bother some complex settings, I suggest to perform these simple steps:
  • Try to open settings from another browser (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer).
  • Make sure that router is turned on.
  • Restart computer and Wi-Fi router.


  • If possible, try to go to the address or from another device. You can even from your tablet or phone by connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • You can try to disable antivirus and firewall.

If that doesn’t work, you will try more complex causes.

Possible solutions.

You need to check LAN port of your personal computer, laptop or network adapter. If cable is plugged into port, that mean that connection alright.

Bad connection can be caused by low quality cable. If it’s possible, you need to change it. Maybe, you forgot to install drivers for your network adapter or it can be broken. In this situation I would try to get into ( by other devices.

If you have Wi-Fi connection (by computer or laptop), your connection icon should be without yellow triangle.

If you have something near white connection stairs, that mean that something going wrong. Again, maybe there is cause of wireless adapter’s drivers. You can find some articles about Wi-Fi connection in internet.

Let me remind you that the status “No Internet access” is fine. Perhaps the Internet is not configured. In order to gain access to the control panel of your router Internet connection is not necessary.